Rooks County Health Center News

Rooks County Health Center Auxiliary

Scholarships, blood drives and daily meals are just a few of the ways the Rooks County Health Center Auxiliary contributes to the community.   This group’s mission: to promote and advance the welfare of Rooks County Health Center by interpretation of the hospital to the public through service to the hospital and its patients through fundraising endeavors.

RCH Auxiliary prays at each meeting for God’s guidance to help them assist the aged, the ill and the very young with generosity, discretion and with gentleness. This purpose and prayer guides the auxiliary in its many activities to serve the hospital and its patrons.  “This group of individuals, led by President Elvera Beiker, Vice President Kagay Wheatley, Secretary Virginia Engborg and Treasurer Nadine Bair, provide countless hours of service to this hospital and the community,” said Julie Price, CEO of RCH.

Through the RCH Auxiliary scholarship program, young people have the opportunity to obtain an education in the medical field.  The annual blood drive sponsored by the auxiliary helps meet the needs of countless people.  The meals delivered daily by these volunteers nourish those who probably wouldn’t eat properly if the service wasn’t available.  The monitory support for equipment they provide to the hospital and physician’s office is invaluable to RCH. 

RCH considers auxiliary volunteers a vital part of the healthcare provided to the more than 6,000 patients who visit the hospital each year. Volunteers provide care and understanding by taking the time to give patients and their families the extra help and the listening ear they needed during a hospital stay. Every member of the auxiliary assists in providing support services both inside and out of the hospital and are an important part of the healthcare team.

The RCH staff has long recognized and affirmed the auxiliary as an essential part of the hospital’s success and is grateful to them for the talents and experience they bring to patients and their families.  “The auxiliary plays a critical role at this institution, going about their work in the hospital with true love and compassion, always willing to do anything for anyone needing assistance,” said Price.  “They help unite the hospital with the community, and the hospital is fortunate to have the selfless support of these truly dedicated men and women.”

Currently the auxiliary has 101 members including both lifetime and regular members. Lifetime members include: Elvera Beiker, Carol Bradford, Mary Lou Brown, Erma Carmichael, Linda Comeau, Stephanie Ellestad, Vivian Ganoung, Mary Lou Gilliland, Shelly Haas, Creta Hilgers, Polly Hrabe, Phelma Knight, Edna McCall, Ruby Mosher, Mabel Pruter, Kathy Ramsay, Charlene Roll, Sonja Ruder and Flo Schmidt.  Regular members include:  Jonni Arnold, Nadine Bair, Opal Barb, Dianne Becker, Janice Bendick, Wanda Bird, Stephanie Bjornstad, Mary Brin, Jennifer Brull, Shirley Comeau, Nancy Davis, Joan Dobson, Shirley Eilers, Virginia Engborg, Carla Fellhoelter, Irene Fellhoelter, Tracy Fellhoelter, Lori Frederking, Earlene Ganoung, Donna Gilliland, Lucy Gilliland, Paula Glick, Leona Haase, Edna DeLaney, Sheila Hachmeister, Cheryl Hageman, Karen Hageman, Michelle Hinger, Lorene Hake, Mildred Hutchcraft, Marilyn Johnson, Deb Jones, June Karlin, Cathy King, Cindi Knipp, Janet Languein, Jean Lindsey, Margueret Lowe, Stephanie Maddox, Dianne Maddy, Rita Malin, Sue Mason, Karen McCune, Helen McGann, Barbara Meitler, Pat Meyers,  Lucille Ochampaugh, Cindy Overlease, Eileen Plante, Julie Price, Connie Reishus, Peggy Richmond, Violet Riffe, Mildred Roberts, Kenda Ross, Bob Rudman, Linda Rudman, Cathy Schaukowitch, Ann Schmidt, Betty Schrandt, Marilyn Simon, Virginia Sims, Becky Shunn, Dorothy Smrcka, Bill Stahl, Marcella Strouse, Renee’ Struckhoff, Pat Sumearll, Carolyn Terry, Nena Tipton, Dorothy Tucker, Bernice Unrein, Sandy Unrein, Carol Van Dyke, Yvonne Van Dyke, Chelsa Wahl, Pat Wehrli, Sami Werner, Kagay Wheatley, Freida Weisner, Gola Williams, and Sharon Williams.

The RCH Auxiliary invites anyone to become a part of the close-knit volunteer team, where lasting friendships are built while serving the hospital and community.  For information on joining the auxiliary, please call Elvera Beiker at 434-2345, Kagay Wheatley at 434-4613 or any of the current auxiliary members.