Rooks County Health Center Auxiliary

The Auxiliary at Rooks County Health Center meets in the hospital lobby at 10 a.m. on the last Thursday of every month.

When you see these women in salmon-colored smocks working at the hospital, delivering meals, working at a fundraiser or helping with a community gathering, know that they represent the Rooks County Health Center Auxiliary — a group that has given of themselves more than 50,000 hours for the support of the hospital and continued health care to the public.


The purpose of the Auxiliary is to promote the hospital and its services to the public. This includes making the physical appearance of the hospital — both the interior and exterior — the best it can be for an inviting but professional atmosphere. The Auxiliary is a "connecting" force between the hospital, its patients and the public in different forms of voluntary service.

What We Do

Over the years, the Auxiliary has made many improvements to the hospital — the first of which being the renovation of the nursery. Many individuals and groups helped and continue to donate items to the Auxiliary for the hospital.

Some of the larger projects that the Auxiliary have undertaken include: a patient directory for the lobby, new signs throughout the hospital to replace the paper signs, reupholstering lobby and emergency room furniture, renovation of the nurses' station and administrator's office, new lobby drapes, various new appliances and reverse osmosis for the lobby kitchen sink.

Fundraising efforts have enabled the Auxiliary to buy pieces of equipment for the hospital. Among those are: a glucometer for measuring blood sugar, money toward an anesthesia machine, scales for weighing patients in wheelchairs, buzzer to alert the lab of a patient needing service, a phlebotomy chair for the lab, large wheelchair/commode and shower chair and money toward the purchase of the hospital call system.

During the past 20 years, the Auxiliary has donated $1o,875 towards improvements at the hospital and $16,652 for the purchase of equipment at the hospital.


Fundraising efforts also allow for the Auxiliary to award scholarships to youth as well as adults who are completing their education in the health care field. For more information on the Auxiliary Memorial Scholarship Fund, please click here.