Baby Book

   Rooks County Health Center proudly presents our most recent arrivals.

  Date of Birth Baby's Name Parents
  07.12.15 Tristan Matthew Dahlia and Norman
  06.30.15 Nash Gregory Tanya and Quentin
  06.02.15 Shiloh Natalie Jessica and Nathan
  05.26.15 Melecio Jun Maljane
  05.20.15 Parker Grace Megan and Travis
  05.18.15 Echo Marie Kara and Cecil
  04.27.15 Connor Francis Sarah and Aaron
  03.31.15 Madilynn Rebecka Mary and Luke
  03.23.15 Graham Robert Melinda and Daniel
  03.23.15 Pia Pio and Mischelle
  03.19.15 Brenna Jo Mark and Marlene
  03.18.15 Cohen Rae Heath and Lacey
  03.02.15 Claire Elizabeth Megan and Christopher
  02.28.15 Parker Alexander Leah and Tyler
  02.06.15 Kahyra Elyscia Brandi and Cammonie
  02.02.15 Derrick Andrew Sarah and Chet
  01.19.15 Sloan Elise Marlo and Jeffrey
  01.18.15 Alexander Bret Allison and Hyrum
  01.08.15 Zackery Judd Heather and Chris
  01.08.15 Jada Dawn Ashley and Jay
  12.24.14 Hesston Jean Megan and Cody
  12.19.14 Waylon Ace Bruce and Roseanne
  12.17.14 Morgan Everit Jessie and Tyler
  11.24.14 Nash Alan Bradley and Tawny
  10.25.14 Beckah Rose Jessica and Adam
  09.23.14 Finn William Samantha and Brodie
  09.17.14 Noah Lynn Kalyn and Jacob
  09.02.14 Clare Elizabeth Jerri and Tyrel
  08.24.14 Beau Henry Brandon and Tina
  08.19.14 Blake Reid Emily and Brooks
  08.04.14 Kyler Owen Melissa and Danny
  07.22.14 Evelyn Jo Carmen and Trevis
  07.14.14 Lee Michael Mary and Howard
  07.08.14 Brianna Marie Stephanie and Brent
  07.06.14 Trinity Marie Whitney and Roy
  07.01.14 Alexandria Cadance Lisa and Caleb
  06.25.14 Hudson James Amber and Jamie
  06.19.14 Zipporah Marie Mary and Gordon
  06.16.14 Elliott Tatum Christie and Travis
  06.02.14 Arian Ryler Daniel and Lacey
  05.23.14 Jaxton Joseph Jocelyn and Joe
  05.21.14 Gabriel Rodney Sabree and Dustin
  05.19.14 Haezin Rae Naomi and Caleb
  04.16.14 Maggie Rose Jamie and Sean
  04.09.14 Henry David Nicole and Jonathan
  03.19.14 Declan Joseph Janine and Benjamin
  03.07.14 Jaxten Zander Sara and Joseph
  03.01.14 Annika Rei Amanda and Ryan
  02.26.14 Giselle Rosalyn Stephanie and Oscar
  02.20.14 Dane Rex Kara and Cecil
  02.18.14 Paisley KayAnn Aften and Luke
  02.09.14 Carter Jay Darla
  01.25.14 Jaylee Jane Chelsea and Jason
  01.20.14 Anabell Iris Joanna and Jacob
  01.10.14 Tailynn Sky Sierra
  01.09.14 Lucas Michael Miranda and Randy
  12.05.13 Jack Lee Mara and Bryan
  12.03.13 Hudson Andrew Melissa and Andrew
  11.24.13 Jaxson Dale Jeffrey and Geniece
  11.18.13 Emma Nicole Nicole and Jonathan
  10.08.13 Samuel Elias Allie and Matt
  10.07.13 Bailey Jo Samantha and Tyler
  10.03.13 Alaiya Grace Kristyn and Tyson
  09.18.13 Liberty Marie Roseanne and Bruce
  09.04.13 Jensen Dean Erin and James
  08.26.13 Jayce Alan Kashayla and James
  07.04.13 Guinevere Liberty Angela and Jerome
  07.03.13 James Lucas Amanda and Mark
  06.20.13 Vera Amour Shaina and Brittan
  05.31.13 Ashlynn Carol Anne and Blake
  05.28.13 Jase Robert Kylie and Jeremie
  05.02.13 Cambria Kristin Heidi and Joseph
  04.25.13 Callie Jean Sarah and Chet
  03.18.13 Michela Beth Cherri
  03.09.13 Lexus Marceline Tatiana and Jason
  02.28.13 Sawyer Jo Krista and Lance
  02.19.13 Amber Lee Amanda and Cody
  02.17.13 Greysen Hyde Elizabeth and Derek
  02.08.13 Matthew Myron Jeanna and Curtis
  01.17.13 Brazos William Miranda and James
  01.01.13 Savannah Marie Jessica and Adam
  12.16.12 Eliza Joy Allison and Hyrum
  12.16.12 Kaydence Al-Leigh Samantha and Ryan
  12.11.12 Eli Christopher Megan and Christopher
  12.06.12 Evan Alee Rama Beverly and Rico
  12.01.12 Malikai Kristopher Brandee
  11.08.12 Kaleb Lane Melissa and Danny
  10.29.12 Emilee Ann April and Ryan
  10.20.12 Grayson Alexander Emily and Thomas
  10.08.12 Emmalyn Grace Angela and Noah
  10.06.12 Zyrek Allen Kama and Nick
  09.30.12 Riley Chevelle Aften and Luke
  09.19.12 Liza Beatrice Heather and Christopher
  09.17.12 Brantley Tyler Cassandra and Dale
  08.27.12 Archer Patrick Allison and Casey
  08.22.12 Piolo Gatsby Nalupa Mischelle and Pio
  08.16.12 Scarlet Olivia Daniel and Melinda
  07.24.12 Lyla Grace Mike and Beth
  07.21.12 Lynden Ileen Lona and Matt
  06.26.12 Kendrix Bo Donae Kiley
  06.25.12 Madelyn Jo Kelly and Seth
  06.05.12 Bryn Foster Allison and David
  06.01.12 Daylen Jule Cade and Jessica
  05.17.12 Harper Leigh Josh and Joselyn
  05.17.12 Miriam Dolores Gordon and Mary
  04.25.12 Lydia Joy Matt and Allie
  04.09.12 Marley Honor-Phoenix Chelsey and Edgar
  03.12.12 Madison Lee Chelsey and Brian
  02.28.12 Brittany Jessica and Austin
  01.26.12 Jeremiah Connie
  12.11.11 Sydney Shea Tonya and Jason
  11.30.11 Davin Timothy Coddy and Dannie
  11.25.11 Joseph Keric and Breeal
  11.21.11 Madilyn Morgan and Jamie
  11.19.11 Slayde Shawndra and Garrison
  10.19.11 Brodey Dean Randy and Denae
  09.26.11 Bently Ryan Roy and Whitney
  09.23.11 Olivia Elizabeth Amber and Joshua
  09.21.11 Maximus Sabot Hayley and Dean
  09.14.11 Lillian Isabelle Jessica and Josh
  08.06.11 Caden Michael Meagan and Tyler
  04.26.11 Khloe Sue Kelsey
  04.03.11 Kaydee Louise Jeremie and Kylie
  04.01.11 Nicholas Mitchell Mary Frances and MarKeith
  03.07.11 Dominic Vincent Dominic and Lauriele
  02.15.11 Elijah James Eric and Dax
  02.08.11 Axel Joseph Joshua and Sarah
  01.29.11 Lexi Mari Tiffany and Joshua
  01.22.11 Isabelle Krista and Lance
  11.09.10 Briley Faye Mariah and Tyler
  10.27.10 Brenyn Carter Shane and Aunalies
  09.17.10 Andre Page Rama Rico and Beverly
  08.31.10 Kayden Mitchell Kerry and April
  05.17.10 Paul Andrew Mary and Gordon
  05.11.10 Jazmine May Britt and James
  05.11.10 Lennon Isaac Linsey and Justin
  05.11.10 Teagan Joseph Julie and Michael
  05.09.10 Chloe Elizabeth LaDenne Sarah and Justin
  04.28.10 Hunter Brianne Deidra and Chase
  04.25.10 Marie Ann Lona and Matthew
  04.08.10 Tysen Robyn and Justin
  02.28.10 Noah Thomas Jamie and Bryan
  02.23.10 Maggie Renee Nicole and David
  02.01.10 Zoe Aspen Jessica and Jackie
  01.15.10 Kalen Ryan Kyle and Sarita
  01.13.10 Brecklyn Andraea Joseph and Heidi
  12.31.09 Colin James Brian and Kellie
  12.22.09 Mattie Skye Coddy and Michael
  12.21.09 Christian Anthony Toledo Anthony and Meljane
  12.14.09 Colleen Radena Colleen
  11.19.09 Elizabeth Ann Chelsey and Brian
  10.21.09 Anna Marie Douglas and Karen
  10.08.09 Christopher Wesley Eric and Holly
  09.22.09 Owen Keith Nikki and John
  08.23.09 Corey Jon Elizabeth and Frank
  08.13.09 Annabel Mae Terah and Ron
  07.06.09 Khloe Ranay Kimberly and Ron
  05.29.09 Colby Alan Stephanie and Chad
  04.11.09 Skylar Nell Angel and Jason
  03.10.09 Tanner James Whitney
  02.14.09 Lilly BreAnn John and Tara
  01.09.09 Destini Lea Matthew and Amber
  12.29.08 Erik Lee Todd and Heather
  12.24.08 Slayde Robert Joshua and Sarah
  10.31.08 Aiden William Terence and Samantha
  10.23.08 Braylon Ryan Ryan and Danielle
  10.18.08 Lorene Ann Matthew and Lona
  09.29.08 Kendle Jerimiah Laurant Thomas and Shauntae
  09.20.08 T.Marra Kate Katie
  05.13.08 Rylan Grace Ryan and Sarah
  03.24.08 Ben Jeffrey Chris and Heather