Monitor your own health with affordable, direct access lab tests from Rooks County Health Center.  Confidential, no doctor’s order required and results direct to you.  Convenient, no appointment necessary, walk-ins welcome. Test results available the same day, often within an hour. Visit with an RCH lab technologist to consider which test(s) best serves your needs.

Affordable Wellness Tests are self-initiated tests as opposed to tests ordered by your doctor. They allow you to take a proactive role in your health and potentially expedite diagnosis with your doctor’s evaluation. These tests will not be shared with any third party and therefore are not applicable for reimbursement by your insurance company or Medicare. For a better understanding of the test results, additional medical advice and treatment, you will need to contact your personal physician.

RCH strongly suggests you see your physician if you have symptoms of an illness. Screenings are not intended to replace doctor visits or diagnose medical conditions.

Cardiac Risk (*12-14 hour fast)  $23   read more

Thyroid Test  $20   read more

Proactive Chem 14 (*8 hour fast)  $25   read more

Men’s Health  $35   read more

Am I Pregnant?  $10   read more

Blood Grouping  $46   read more

Blood Coagulation  $18   read more

Blood Cell Profile  $18   read more

Blood Intoxication Evaluation $20   read more

Toxicology 12 Profile  $46   read more

Strep Throat Evaluation  $14   read more

Mono Evaluation  $9   read more

Colon Test  $7   read more

Urine Evaluation (*First Morning Sample) $13   read more

Diabetic Testing Services

Diabetic Health Profile (*8 hr. fast) $50    read more

Blood Sugar (*8 hr. fast)  $17   read more

Average Blood Sugar Measurement  $38   read more

 • No appointment necessary
 • No doctor’s order required
 • Same day test results

 • $7 to $50 per test
 • One-time $5 lab fee per visit
 • Not applicable for insurance or Medicare reimbursement.

 • Test results mailed directly to you
 • In case of critical laboratory test results, you will be called promptly.

 • 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday
 • Saturday by appointment