In 1989, the Rooks County Commissioners voted to attach the following townships to the hospital district: Zurich City, Woodston City, Stockton City and the Townships of Lanark, Stockton, Farmington, Lowell, Ash Rock, Iowa and the Sarver's addition to Stockton. The Board of Trustees voted to change the hospital's name from Plainville Rural Hospital to Rooks County Health Center on January 1, 2003.

The Board hoped the name change would reflect on each community. With the name change, the Board incorporated a new logo for the hospital. The logo's color blocks were selected to represent the school colors of Stockton (blue), Palco (yellow) and Plainville (red).

More than 30,000 times last year, someone benefited from the services provided by Rooks County Health Center. The hospital services thousands of men, women and children in northwest Kansas. In the last 50 years, over 3,300 babies have been born at Rooks County Health Center. This is unusal for a small rural hospital. Dr. Ptterson, Dr. Pederson, Dr. Page, Dr. Mauck and Dr. Votapka practiced medicine in this county until they retired. Their dedication and outstanding care will be remembered for generations.

Our current medical staff consists of Dan Sanchez, M.D., Jennifer Brull, M.D., Lynn Fisher, M.D. and Genny Robben-Rahjes, ARNP.. Our rich history has provided the foundation for what the hospital has become. Rooks County Health Center is now completing its 52nd year of service to this area of Northwest Kansas.