In the spring of 1952, the economy of Rooks County was strong, with as many as 40 new homes built in a single year. The development of area oil fields and increased crop production provided a growing job market. With this growth came a concern for quality health care in the area.

A group of concerned citizens organized and circulated a petition asking for a vote on a County Hospital. Since the county-wide issue at that time was unsuccessful, it was decided to form a hospital district by petition. It was not an easy task, but volunteers from all areas of the district worked diligently to obtain the required signatures. Ralph and Geraldine Arnhold donated one square block of land in Plainville as a site for a hospital.

Early in 1953, the completed petitions were presented to the County Commissioners, thus forming Plainville Rural Hospital District #1. The first Board of Directors elected were businessmen Bob Burkholder and Oren Workman, and area farmers Johnie Dauwe, Harry Moos, Jr., and Aaron Thomas. Harold Oelschlaeger, attorney and board secretary and Jewell Lewin, bank cashier and board treasurer. Townships in the original district were Richland, Northhampton, Fairview, Rush, Logan, Walton, Hobart, Plainville, Greenfield, Medicine, Twin Mound, Corning, Paradise, and the City of Plainville.

On February 21, 1955 the hospital doors opened to admit the first patients. Bill Brickley was the Administrator and Medical Technologist for 36 years. Dr. E. C. Petterson, the only physician serving this area prior to the hospital construction, helped recruit Dr. A .M. Pederson and Dr. Vale Page to the county.

On opening day, the medical staff consisted of Chief of Staff, Dr. Petterson, Dr. Pederson, Dr. Page and two dentists, Robert Andreson, D.D.S. and Arvin Rueger, D.D.S. A few months later, Harold Mauck, M.D., William Votapka, M.D., George Hopson, M.D., all of Stockton, joined the medical staff of the hospital.

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